My passion is to connect with people around the world to learn about their stories. I come alive when capturing moments, not poses. I travel both nationally and internationally to observe, participate in and document culture. Through my images, I preserve history for current and future generations to relive and to cherish. (note: to view wedding portfolio only, visit: Inquiries: or 404.313.0875


In 2003, I started a journal to record my ambitions, my successes and my failures. I documented my emotional journey to living a purpose-driven life and becoming a photographer. Four years later, I gained the courage to start a blog and share some of my thoughts publicly. I often revisit my journals – reading them weekly has become the impetus for authoring a collection of books about photography and business. Inquiries: or 404.313.0875


I went to college to become an engineer because, basically, I was told to. At the time, I thought it was impossible for me to have a career as a full-time photographer, but that was over 17 years ago and I never could have imagined the amazing path God would lead me to walk after submitting to my calling. At workshops and seminars, I seek to inspire people to discover their natural gifts and follow their dreams, whether or not they involve photography. Ross Oscar Knight Photography offers Intro to Photography classes, provides one-on-one training, and hosts photo walks and immersive international expeditions. Inquiries: or 404.313.0875

October 17, 2013

Insight to the book: In His Moment

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Am I my brother’s keeper? I feel that we all have a responsibility to look outside ourselves and ask how we can give more than we receive. It doesn’t have to just be financially – our time is a valuable commodity. My mission is to use my gifts and influence to Build Community Through Photography. I want to help redefine philanthropy by encouraging my audience to get involved with legitimate community organizations, locally and internationally. Inquiries: or 404.313.0875

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